The 2015 2A Asia Architecture Award Winners announced on October 2015- Istanbul, Turkey

2A magazine is pleased to announce the final winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2015 (2AAA 2015).  Under the organization of 2A magazine and presence of Ahmad Zohadi (CEO of 2A magazine and chief organizer of the award) The 2015 jury, Romi KHosla, Bahram Shirel, Seung H-Sang, Sinan Mert Sener, and Yavuz Selim Sepin decided on the winners for each category in a jury panel took place in ITÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi (Taşkışla Kampüsü).

This year’s 2AAA took place in two stages. The First Stage Entry started at June 15, and with 20 days extension, closed on August 4, 2015.

The response to the Call for the submission was very strong. Out of 613 submitted projects in seven categories, around 400 projects have been met the award submission standard in the first stage.

During August 2015, the entries from 7 categories, have been reviewed and assessed by Jury and with respect to the award main goal which is defined as:

To identify essences of Architecture in Asia and to glorify the importance of social and cultural identity and significance of spirituality along with physical aspects of architecture.

The competition sought to award individuals or teams that have demonstrated the closest idea/architecture to the main award goal with respect to defined Judging Criteria, as follows:

  •  Design Achievement
  • Contextual Analysis and Studies
  • Technical Advancement
  • Innovative Use of Material
  • Reflection of Sense of Place and Ecology (Environmental Sustainability)
  • Reflection of Cultural Identity
  • Social Responsibility and Community and Urban Connectivity
  • Effects of Economical Condition

145 projects received the accepted score in 7 categories and invited to submit final boards for the second stage judgment and the exhibition. At second stage, short listed printed boards were presented in and discussed by the jury board on October 12, 2015 in ITÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi.

Based on the award criteria each jury selected three projects from each category, and jury members dıscussed their defends for their selections. The total number of 51 projects out of 145, were selected at this process.

The final stage judgment done by voting to the projects, and based on the numbers of votes had been received, three projects were recognized as first, second and third places respectively. Also in 5 categories some projects selected as honorable mentions.

Finally 29 projects were selected as winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2015, as follows:

Commercial Category

1-    “Loom Shade for Amber Denim at Gazipur” desgned by Archeground Ltd. (Md. Jubair Hasan) from Bangladesh – First Place


2-    “Billboard” designed by Shintaro Matsushita, Takashi Suzuki and Naohito Ikuta from Japan – Second Place


3-    Zorlu Levent” desgned by Melkan Gürsel and Murat Tabanlioglu from Turkey – Third Place

Future Projects / Innovative Designs Category:

4-    Yazd international trade Center” designed by Bahman Mehrabani, Pegah Elahian and Mohsen Tajeddin from Iran – First Place


5-    Pont Mutin” designed by Michiya Tsukano from Japan – Second Place


6-    esprit-N” designed by Michiya Tsukano from Japan – Third Place


Interior Design Category:

7-    Esspriss Cafe” designed by Hooman Balazadeh from Iran – First Place


8-    J.S Bridal Maison” desgned by Arash Heidarian and Fahimeh Montaseri from Iran – Second Place


9-    Arman Dentistry” designed by Office Comma (Iman Shafiee and Behzad Maneshgar) from Iran – Third Place


10- Diyar Media Studio” designed by Reza Najafian from Iran – Special Mention


11- Kandovan Hotel” designed by Shiva Aghababaei from Iran – Special Mention



Old and New (Reuse and adaptation, Renovation, Restoration, Regeneration) Category:

12- Cer Modern Art Center” designed by Uygur Architects (Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur) from Turkey – First Place


13- The Āb-Anbār of Dīvān-Khāneh (Fārs Province Museum of Aqua Structures)” designed by Ali Sodagaran and Nazanin Kazerounian from Iran – Second Place


14- Lamkadeh Building” designed by Office Comma (Iman Shafiee and Behzad Maneshgar) from Iran Third Place


15- Ave Gallery” designed by Catherine Spiridonoff and Reza Daneshmir from IranSpecial Mention


Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Hospitality, Culture, Mixed Use, Health, Religion, Civic, Transportation) Category:

16- Sancaklar Mosque” designed by Emre Arolat from Turkey – First Place


17- For the people by the people” designed by Hill Scholte and Gerrit Schilder from Netherlands, project Location BangladeshSecond Place


18- Maria Grazia Cutuli School” designed by Mario Cutuli, IaN+, ma0 and 2A+P/A from Italy,  project Location Afghanistan   Third Place


19- Naman Pure Spa” designed by Nguyen Hoang Manh from VietnamSpecial Mention


Residential Category:

20- East Village” designed by Jean-Marc Bonfils & Associates from Lebanon – First Place


21- BB home” designed by Doan Thanh Ha and Tran Ngoc from Vietnam – Second Place


22- Beyond the hill” designed by Kazuhiko Kishimoto from JapanThird Place


23- Kahrizak residential Building” designed by Mahdi Kamboozia from IranSpecial Mention


Urban Projects, Rural Projects, Community-based projects, Landscape & Public Spaces (Including squares and streets) Category:

24- Gallipolli Peninsula HNP3 Martydoom” designed by Uygur Architects (Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur) from Turkey – First Place


25- Friendship Centre” designed by Kashef Mahboob Chowdh`ury from Bangladesh – Second Place


26- Kwel Ka Baung Migrant Learning Center” designed by Albert Company Olmo & Jan Glasmeier from Germany, project Location Thailand  – Third Place


27- Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge” designed by Leila Araghian from Iran Special Mention


28- Shahr-E-Aftab International Trade Fair” designed by Hamid Mirmiran (NJP) from Iran  and Volkwin Marg (GMP) from Germany, Project location IranSpecial Mention


29- Ayang Gichatgil” designed by Jungwoo Chae from South KoreaSpecial Mention


With presence of many shortlisted participants, Category winners were announced and awarded publically at the award ceremony on Friday October 16, 2015 at Main Conference Hall of ITÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi (Taşkışla Kampüsü), Istanbul.

The short listed project exhibition launched officially at the same day and continued till October 18 at the venue.



Photos: Siavash Bagheri


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